Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jamboree fundraiser!

My daughter and her Ranger unit are off to the Essex International Scout and Guide Jamboree this summer.
These things are always expensive so they organised a fundraising evening. Raffles, nail painting, cakes and of course I said I'd make some cards to sell!

Here is my stand....must iron the sheet next time!!
We had about 75 cards altogether and I think it made an impressive display.

We sold almost fifty cards and added a nice little sum to the fundraising effort.
It was really interesting to see what styles were popular and sold fastest.
I sold the cards for £1 each and people seemed happy to buy one or more at that price but said they would not buy at all if they were more expensive unless it was for a really special occasion.
I'd be interested to know how any of you get on if you sell your cards....any tips?

All advice gratefully received!!!

Sarah   xxx


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