Saturday, 21 April 2012

A busy week's "holiday"!!

Well - time for a new post in case you think I'm a one post wonder!
I had a week off work to spend with my daughter who is home from university.
So..... last Sunday I went to the Big Stamp Show at Ally Pally. Lots of lovely things to buy!!
However I only came home with one set of stamps from Little Claire Designs, a pot of Flitterglu and some gilding flakes from Indigoblu, some new dies and lots of cardstock. I think that was pretty restrained!
Monday we had a family day out in Oxford including a delicious lunch.
Tuesday..........Titanic!!!  I'd never seen it at the cinema so it had to be done!!
Thursday ....Niamh "needed" to go to Lakeside where they have a huge Primark but I did find useful crafting bits too!!!
Friday...big food shop to go back to uni.
Saturday - crafting day and here is what I did with some of those Primark bits plus some buttons and flowers.

Primark band with felt hearts

Old flowers - new band

Clips with felt and buttons

More buttons! Earrings and hairclip.

And finally.........button earrings!

Cute frogs!

Now just to get everything packed and the house tidy again!

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  1. *cough* Anna Griffin *cough* who said that?! Did someone say Anna Griffin?? :P xx


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